Condolence & Memory Journal

(!) Today is April 25, 2015. I looked Candace up on the Internet to send her birthday greetings. I knew her long ago at Visa. We had lost touch. Her passing is quite the shock to me. We lost a smiling face, a kind soul and a caring person.

Posted by David Traub - Sunnyvale, CA - Friend   April 25, 2015

I had the honor of working for Candace at Visa for 3 years. She wasn't just the best manager on the Planet, she was also my friend, my advocate, my spiritual sounding board, my coach and cheerleader.

I worked remotely from my home in Austin, and every morning, Candace would call me. She wanted to hear about my previous day's "God Deal". I always had some sort of miracle or blessing to share with her. We talked about Heavenly Father, and I shared my testimony of Jesus Christ with her. I bore testimony of what I knew was waiting for us after passing from this life, and I know it comforted her.

I was a single mother while working for Candace, and she encouraged me and supported my move from the East Coast to Austin to be near my family. Candace said, "Family comes first!"

When my father was ill and hosptalized for an extended time, Candace encouraged me to go visit him, giving me paid time off, to spend a week there at the hospital, so my mother could go home and rest in her own bed. What a gift she was to my whole family during our time of crisis.

Candace knew how lift the burdens of others. She wasn't afraid to show her weaknesses and be human. She's the kind of woman, I still hope to be one day, although I don't think I'll ever be able to achieve the kind of graciousness she exhibited to all people who crossed her path.

As I wrote to Ed, I have no doubt that Candace is charming the angels in Heaven, waiting for the rest of us to join her.

Until we meet again, my dear friend....

Grayson Murray Nelson

Posted by Grayson Murray Nelson - Austin, TX - Friend & Co-Worker   May 15, 2012


RIP Candace. Over 20 years away from Visa does not erase the fond memories I have of you. Be with God, my friend!

Posted by Kitty Godlewski - St Petersburg, FL   February 27, 2012


This past two weeks has been sad for me but also happy that Candace does not have to suffer anymore. I will always miss her. We had emailed each other in Jan and I had plans to contact her when I visit Half Moon Bay in March.
I cleaned Candace and Ed's home for many years and we shared many things. She always left a gift for me each time I came to her home. She was so generous with her time, her money, and her possessions. I shared many conversations with her and especially when she first got sick. We both took care of Helen and when I left Half Moon Bay, I knew that Candace would make sure Helen was ok. She never missed a chance to visit Helen and bring her famous Chicken Soup that she knew how to make. We both were very involved in Our Lady of the Pillar Church and I know her presence will be missed.

I send my sympathy to you, Ed, and your family. I know that your faith is strong and God will take care of you through this.

Posted by Geraldine Newell - Half Maoon Bay (Now Portland, OR - Friends for many years   February 25, 2012

Where do I start, Candace was a rare person who once entered your life left a permanent lasting impression. One that you never forgot. As a friend she was sweet and caring person that truly would do everything she could to help you. When I needed someone to talk to she always make time even when she did not have much time to give.
As a coworker I learned some very valuable life lessons from her.
We have all lost a remarkable lady. My heart goes out to her family, and all of her friends. This wonderful sweet lady will be missed.
Thank You Candace.

Posted by Sheldon Johnson - Santa Rosa Valley, CA - Friend and Coworker   February 21, 2012


I haven't seen Candace in years. I'm very sad to hear of her loss. She was definitely a very fun joyful person. All the best to Ed and the family. Bev

Posted by Beverley Madden - San Mateo, CA - colleague   February 17, 2012

I knew Candace for several years in the 1990's when our work paths crossed frequently at Visa. When I bought my first home in 1995, Candace took me shopping for lamps and an assortment of other household things. She loved the Restoration Hardware store at Tyson's Corner, VA. I still have a coat that Candace encouraged me to buy as well.

I remember a business trip we had to Philadelphia that coincided with Chinese New Years. Although we were tired, there was no way Candace was going to allow anyone to stay at the hotel in the evening. No, we all piled into a cab and went to ChinaTown for dinner and their local parade.

When I think of Candace I remember her smile, her laugh and her love for life. She never had a negative thing to say about anyone and was an eternal optimist.

Our loss is Heaven's gain. God Bless her family and friends.

Rest in Peace Candace.

Kevin McGowan

Posted by Kevin McGowan - Herndon, VA - Former coworker   February 15, 2012

Candace was truly the most generous and giving person I have every known. Both she and Ed were so supportive of me and my family with our first born Chris. She and I spent many days together in the early days of Visa and travelled to many wondrous places, laughing all the way. As a professional woman she paved the way for many of us. The world has lost a brilliant and wonderful woman. Candace you have left a lasting place in our hearts forever.



Posted by Janice VandenBrink - Burlingame, CA - Friend from Visa   February 13, 2012

Candace was an inspiration to us all. My Godfather Joseph and Mother Josephine were immediately drawn to her on a Pilgrimage to both Lourdes and Fatima. They were all inseparable ever since then 6 years ago and they always will be. I myself did not get the pleasure to meet her until they returned back home to the Bay Area. I was instantly drawn to such a vibrant, magnetic soul that will forever be remembered dearly by my family and myself.She introduced us to both Beach Blanket Babylon and also Wicked. The many dinners and lunches that we shared I will forever be great full for. She never stopped speaking of Gods graces and will and also the Holy Kingdom. She and her Rosary and countless good works towards all will forever be remembered in our hearts and souls. You are now by God's side and will forever be guiding the Angel's and you will live forever in our Hearts. God Bless to both you and your family. You have left a mark on us that will never fade. Love always, Joseph, Josephine and Frank Jr.

Posted by Frank Roller - San Mateo, CA - Friend   February 13, 2012

Candace, you were always a bright spot at Visa and appreciate all you did for me. My heart goes out to your family. Amy Bridge

Posted by Amy Bridge - Coloma, CA - Friend   February 13, 2012

Though I haven't seen Candace in a few years, I think about her love for the coast every time we are in Half Moon Bay or I see Calla Lylies. Always kind and thoughtful, she even du some up for me to see if they would plant in NY. Always a pleasure to work with at Visa, my condolences to her family.

Posted by Alissa Cain - Friend   February 13, 2012


Rest In Peace, You will be missed by Many.

Posted by Jim Braker - Beaver Dam, WI - Friend   February 13, 2012


What wonderful travel memories I have of our trips together. We had such fun and laughed getting lost and trying to figure out the weird money. I know your travels now are going to be just as wonderful. You are the kindest person with the biggest heart. One day we'll all go traveling together again. Miss you and love you.

Posted by Becky Hogan - Palm Springs, CA - Friend   February 12, 2012



My heart goes out to you and your beloved wife , whom I felt was the closest, dearest friend anyone could ask for. She was a gift from God and my angel of life here on earth. No matter what we did, help Mary Issac through her terror of Brain Cancer, give our friend Helen a world of love and that moving means only changing your address. Living the changing of the guards at OLP, or understand why Taylor's daddy had to leave this world now................she helped me understand what God's Grace really meant and helped me move ahead one step at a time. No one but Candace can make you feel like you are the most special person in the world. I will always know that I have met an angel and her powers will see me through this life and into the kingdom of Heaven. Where she and Gary now help our Lord. Together Ed, we will gather strength knowing that our loved ones are at peace and exactly where they are suppose to be!

Lots of love-

Susan and Taylor George

Posted by Susan/Taylor George - Half Moon Bay, CA - friend   February 12, 2012


Candace was a rare gem; wonderfully warm and thoughtful. She will be missed by all.

Posted by Preet Chhokar - Daly City, CA - Co-worker and Friend   February 11, 2012

Candace was always a bright light wherever she was. I worked with Candace at Visa. Her presence enriched my experience there. However, her presence in my life exceeded my work life considerably.

At a tragic time in my life, I was sent an angel --- it was Candace. Candace didn't just have my back, she WAS my back. That's the kind of person she was -- unconditionally giving and offering a hand in times of need.

Candace, you are so missed. You will always be a part of me.

Posted by Brooke Frances - Danville, CA - Friend   February 11, 2012

We are deeply sorry to hear of Candace's passing after the long brave fight. We met Candace and friends of Ed's and were most thrilled to be at the wedding. Candace was loving and caring and really great for Ed. She will be greatly missed by all.

Posted by Helen and Fritz Skeen - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Friend   February 11, 2012

I remember the time we were taken by David Augustine our Park Ranger friend on the coast to Ano Nuevo to see the Elephant Seals. We felt it was a great privilege to be taken closer than the public are allowed as our friend David had authority! Yes it was a great privilege that suddenly lost its appeal when deal David calmly instructed us - if they come toward you don't run because they can out run you! All of a sudden the great privilege lost its appeal! How we laughed about this afterwards. I just remember your sense of humor and that great smile you always had for everyone. Goodnight Candace - god bless you.
Thoughts and prayers for Ed and your family.

Posted by Beverley Anderson - Redwood City, CA - Friend   February 11, 2012


I am very sorry to hear of Candice's passing. I worked with her at Visa, she was always helpful to others and had a very kind and loving heart. My thoughts are with her family. May she rest in peace.

Kathie Martin

Posted by Kathie Martin - Moss Beach, CA - Friend, co-worker   February 11, 2012

Sending heartfelt condolences, sadly I will not be able to attend the service as I am out of the area until April. Candace was so helpful to me when I moved to California 25 years ago transferring from the east coast with Visa. Always an optimist, she brought joy to many. Her courage and warmth will always be remembered.
Una Somerville

Posted by Una Somerville - Danville, CA - Friend   February 10, 2012

I will miss you Candace especially seeing you around the church. There was always an extra sense of goodness when you were around. I pray that we may be united again in Paradise in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and with all the saints and angels.

Posted by Derek Kulda - Half Moon Bay, CA - acquaintance from church   February 10, 2012

Candace, you had the biggest heart of any person I knew at Visa. You cared about people and always found good things in everyone. You were an inspiration to me and I will miss your presence.

Posted by Brian Ruder - Portland, OR - Friend   February 10, 2012


Dearest Candace - You are the most beautiful lady I have ever known. You were always so thoughtful and caring to everyone. You will leave a void in the hearts of all the people that you touched. I will cherish forever all the wonderful travels we had together. God Bless you. I miss you. Carole

Posted by Carole Tanklage - Redwood City, CA - Long time friend   February 10, 2012

Candace was a such a special person who cared about her co-workers and was a joy to work with. I can remember working onsite at one of the east coast banks and getting into a truly ridiculous controversy about installing a Visa system at their location.

After hours of back-and-forth with multiple layers of managers, Candace got on the phone with their management and quickly settled the issue. She backed her employees and we certainly appreciated it.

Requiescat in pace.

Posted by ROY SHOWERS - SPRINGFIELD, VA - Employee   February 10, 2012


I am sad but I know Jesus has his arms around you and so happy that you are safely home. We had some good times in this life and we will meet again. I love you and know you will be truly missed by me and everyone who knew and loved you. I pray I can be half the person you were.

Posted by Betty Ethridge - Covington, LA - Aunt Bea   February 10, 2012


You will live in our hearts and minds forever. She took my Godfather Joseph and Mom Josephine by storm on a Pilgrimage to Fatima and Lourdes. I met her later and was immediately inspired by her spirit and warmth. We enjoyed lunches at the Fish Market and we finally saw Beach Blanket Babylon as well as Wicked. I will never forget all of the wonderful times and how inspirational and holy she was. She will forever be looking over us as we will always remember how lucky we were to have her in our lives. Love and God Bless to Ed and her many Family and Friends.

Posted by Frank Roller Jr - San Mateo, CA - Friend   February 10, 2012

Candace was an inspiration to everyone, strong, humble, faithful, loving, joyful,grateful. Loved her family and friends. Treated you so special even if she barely knew you. So kind, always supportive. She had unconditional love towards everyone, never judged. I wish I could be half the person she was.
Rest in Peace, I know she has a special spot in heaven, God would want her right next to him. I know, deep down in my heart, The Lord saved her a special seat

I love you Candace....


Posted by Colleen True - El Granada, CA - Friend   February 09, 2012